Youtube not Working? How to Fix it?

Youtube not working

Are you looking for ways by which you can solve youtube not working? Your search is not over! YouTube is the world’s leading site for video sharing with a vast following and lengthy computer lists. About the massive success, though, consumers often experience a variety of problems. There are several issues YouTube wants to fix from black screen to the excessive buffering to replay fault. 

However, there is no need to panic, if YouTube doesn’t work on your computer. We have come up with many various approaches in this article to address several of the problems. Let us launch the article without pause with that stated. Let’s have a look at the ways to solve your youtube not working problem: 

Check if YouTube Is Down

It’s unusual to see a total loss for YouTube, although it was formerly. The first thing to search first, regardless of something on your hand, is if the issue is YouTube itself. and are two websites to assist you. The crowdsource user reviews show you what problems and where in the world are recorded.

If YouTube is in great difficulty, it will also be recorded by news media. Google News and the “YouTube down” or the “YouTube malfunction” quest are the easiest way to scan.

How to fix YouTube not working on Chrome?

Take these measures to try to fix YouTube if you are using YouTube in Chrome ‘s desktop edition:

1. Update Chrome

The most up-to – date edition of Chrome can still be included. It should be modified immediately, but it is easier to verify this still twice.

Click on the Enter to paste chrome:/settings / help into the URL tab. You need to see “Google’s up to date Chrome.” If you don’t, press Upgrade Google Chrome and restart.

2. Clear Cookies and Cache

Try to clear the window cookies and cache on Chrome. Click Enter and paste chrome:/settings / Clear Browser Data into the URL tab. Pick All Time on the time dropdown.

Tick Cache images and files for cookies and other web data. Select Clear data. Press Clear data.

3. Disable Extensions

YouTube accessibility issues may be induced by plugins. Paste chrome://extensions/ into the Link bar and click Enter to open your extensions.

Switch off any extension by clicking on the slider to appear green. Try YouTube again after each and see whether the problem has been fixed. If so, leave the extension disabled and continue to reach the creator and see how the bug can be fixed.

4. Check Internet Connection

And if you do visit other pages, your link to the internet is not a mistake. It might not be sufficiently secure to watch YouTube. To identify and fix issues, use Windows 10 ‘s native trouble resolver.

To access preferences, click the Windows key + I. Go to Upgrade & Protection > Patch > Internet Connectivity > Run a trouble-shooter.

How to fix YouTube on Android and iOS?

Take these troubleshooting steps if you are using YouTube on your Android or iOS devices like the iPhone or iPad.

1. Update Operating System

Your operating system can be obsolete and therefore YouTube cannot run properly. Open Settings on Android and search for updates to your apps. Download and update a new version if available.

On iOS, go to Settings > General > Upgrading Software and, if appropriate, download and install an upgrade.

2. Update YouTube App

The YouTube programme should always run the new update to allow you to take advantage of the newest updates and error corrections.

Open the Play Store in iOS, sweep the side bar from the left, then select My applications and games. 

The Updates tab will be open. Applications requiring an upgrade are pending in the Updates area. Tap Update when YouTube is here. Open the App Store and press the Updates Log on iOS. Tap Update when you see YouTube in this list.

3. Clear YouTube Cache and Data

If you used the YouTube programme a while back, a great deal of cache and data could have been generated and that could have caused problems.

Go to Setup > Applications > YouTube > Storage on iOS. To see if the problem is solved, tap Clear cache. If not, go back and press Clear info.

On iOS, uninstalling and reinstalling YouTube is the easiest way to do this. Click and hold the button and press Delete on your home screen. Download YouTube again, then go to the Play Shop.

4. Check Internet Connection

If your Internet fails to connect effectively, YouTube cannot work. Go to Settings > Connections for Android. Go to Settings for iOS.

Switch on and off first flight mode. This will also update and fix the network settings. Then try connecting via Wi-Fi or your phone network. Try to deactivate Bluetooth if it does not work.

The network link can be reset completely. Go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Settings in Android. Go to Settings > General Settings > Reset > Reset network setup on the iOS.

Stoppy’s Final Words

That’s our post on fixing problems when YouTube doesn’t work properly. There have been a variety of challenges, ranging from simple to advanced, to find the answer you want for your situation. 

Let us know in the comment section below if we helped you to fix the issue. Hope this article about ways to solve youtube not working problem was helpful.