How to Turn Off & Restart iPhone X  

Turn off & restart iPhone X

Are you looking for ways by which you can turn off & restart your iPhone X? Your search is over! You ought not very often to turn off your iPhone. It’s not worth the hassle to stop if you don’t use it for a few hours.

However, it can be an effective option if you know you ‘re not going to use your telephone for a few days or during an international very long flight, and want to save every last enormous amount of battery life.

Also, if you suspected that a bug caused your phone to fail or slow, that old IT standby should be the first troubleshooting step. Turn it off and go on again.

Using the Buttons to Turn Off iPhone X

Click Volume Up and then the Volume Down button and hang onto the Side button to shut down the iPhone easily. The “power off slip” bar is seen at the top of your screen. Slide, and your phone will be switched off.

Another way to Turn Off your iPhone X

If it is not easy to switch off your iPhone by using the buttons, use Settings.

  1. Click Settings on the Home screen.
  2. Click General on the Settings pad.
  3. Click Shut Down at the bottom of the General screen.
  4. Click Shut down in iPhone Settings.
  5. Drag the Slide to the right of the Power Off slider to turn your iPhone off.

Restarting your iPhone X using the Buttons

  1. First, click Volume Up once, quickly.
  2. Then, Click the Down Volume button very quickly.
  3. Click the side button and keep it steady until you see the slider Turn Down. Keep holding down the Side button until the Apple logo is visible.

Be cautious when you use this form. You may trigger SOS and dial emergency services automatically if you do not push Volume Up button first, then Volume Down button, before pressing and holding Side button.

Restarting your iPhone X using the Voice Control

With the iOS 13, the Voice Control now enables you to restart your iPhone totally free, with another accessibility feature.

You have to set up it and enable it if you have never used Voice Control.

  1. Go to Settings and tap Accessibility. Tap Voice Control, next.
  2. Click Set Up Voice Control on the Voice Control display.
  3. You ‘re going to see a board showing you what Voice Control should do.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. You will find examples of what you can say on voice control in the following screen. To get a clue of how you can use Voice Control, you may scroll through the list.
  6. Tap Done. 
  7. Once Voice Control is activated, in the upper left corner of the screen, a blue and white microphone icon will be visible.
  8. You enable it by using Siri once you set up Voice Control. Just say “Hey Siri” and “Turn on Voice Control.” You can then use the Voice Control command “Reboot Device” and tap restart.
  9. Activated iPhone Voice Control
  10. Tap Reboot Device to restart your iPhone using Voice Control. Then press Restart on the displayed confirmation dialogue.
  11. Check iPhone restart.

Stoppytech’s Final Words

You don’t have to think about missing your dream smartphone now that you know how to turn off iPhone X and to perform a quick iPhone reset. Make sure you are in a secure location with a stable backup system. Hope this article about ways by whih you can turn off & restart your iPhone X was helpful.