9 Best Tumblr Alternatives & Similar Websites (2020)

Tumblr alternatives

Are you looking for Tumblr alternatives? Your search is finally over! There are several places to exchange knowledge digitally with others, including social networking websites, text message applications, video-sharing pages. Nevertheless, no tool functions more efficiently than blogging when it comes to sharing opinions and suggestions on the internet efficiently. 

That’s also why everyone, from individuals to major businesses, has a blog these days. The Verizon owned Tumblr is perhaps the most popular of the various blogging sites available. Based on a “quick form” style, it enables users to upload a simple-to-use dashboard of text, photos and multimedia.

But what is the best alternative for Tumblr in 2020?

If you search for this post, you can learn the answer.

9 Best Tumblr Alternatives & Similar Websites (2020)

1. Blogger

Blogger is a blogging website founded in 1999 and acquired by Google in 2003. The app is now named Blogspot. Blogs created on Blogger typically have an address like subdomain.blogspot.com.

You can build up to 100 blogs per user account with Blogger. The App is simple to run and has a total Google AdSense integration. Any visitor’s data, such as the number of page views and traffic sources, you can review them quickly.

As far as the duration of the content is concerned, you can build whatever content you like.

Tumblr alternatives

2. Dreamwidth

The online writing application Dreamwidth is focused on the codebases for LiveJournal. This website allows the members to publish all types of material (including creative work).

Interestingly, after Tumblr’s NSFW ban announcement, Dreamwidth is considered to be Tumblr’s best alternative to publish Not Safe for Work (NSFW content, also known as the adult content).

3. Ello

 This was just like Facebook at first. It looks pretty much like Pinterest now. For designers and developers, this forum is an outstanding alternative. Ello allows users to sell their work. Once it comes to material forms, all styles of visual media, including NSFW material (adult content) are tolerated – you may activate it in your settings.

4. Flickr

Flickr is an image and video hosting service. That is a free and paid edition of the app. There is a possibility that you cannot access files if you choose a free account, but you can always search for the contents that are already saved in it.

You will also have keys to free capacity if you want a premium edition! What is fascinating is that Flickr allows you to track specific people, so when they post anything different to their profiles, you can get a notice.

5. Instagram

Instagram is a popular social networking site for sharing images and videos by its users. It was first founded in 2010 and then purchased by Facebook in 2012.

Although there’s no blog you can create on Instagram, it is an ideal platform for artists like painters and photographers.

6. Newgrounds

Newgrounds was founded in July 1995 as an American entertainment company, social media and website. This website contains content created by users such as sports, videos, audio and artworks.

There are no strict adult content regulations so that for some people, Tumblr can be a great alternative. What’s odd, after Apple has dropped the Tumblr software from the App Store, Newgrounds has undergone a massive flood of writers, designers and other content creators.

7. Pinterest

Pinterest is a network and smartphone technology organization in American social media. This social media network focuses on publishing and replicating the content of images and videos that other users of the platform follow.

Pinterest may be the perfect choice for Tumblr because it has hundreds of millions of viewers each month in terms of the amount of daily monthly users!

8. Sharesome

Sharesome is one of the best alternatives for those interested in adult content. The platform describes itself as “a culture in which the kinks will eventually run wild.” If you want to remain anonymous, you may even cover your name.

9. Twitter

Twitter is my new platform for micro-blogging and social networking. Founded in 2006, it enables its users to create short messages containing text, links and photos, similar to other platforms in this field. You can also follow and comment on the contents of other people, as well as do yours.

Tumblr alternatives

Stoppy’s Final Words

In this article, with its short descriptions, I have shown you about nine best Tumblr Alternatives. I’m confident that you will find through this guide something beautiful for yourself, which can be exchanging photos, streaming/downloading audio files, networking through people.