How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone X

Battery percentage

With good purpose, the “notch” section of the top edge of the phone on the iPhone X comprises the sensors and camera used for facial recognition and selfies. However, it excludes all of the previous area from the status counter. What changed and how will we bring these details back? In this article, we clarify how to show battery percentage on iPhone X-series smartphones.

What is Shown in the iPhone XS Status Bar?

You have the area now both of the capabilities of the cellular and Wi-Fi signal and the remainder of the battery are ripped through the correct position. There is no place to show your battery except as a graphic symbol as a number, which informs you just how much, but not precisely, the power you have.

When the location service icon is on the bottom, and the charging icon is still on top of the battery map, several such state symbols, due to conditions, do not allow a decomposition. You don’t see the name of the network company.

How Can You Display the Volume of the Battery On or Off an iPhone X?

Contrary to previous model iPhones, you can simply pull down the Control Centre on your iPhone X or later to see the battery percentage.

Turn down from the upper right corner of the handset, with the home screen or some device accessible. The battery percentage can be shown at the corner of the computer in the Control Panel. Yeah, on the home screen, you can’t see it, but it’s just a click away.

How to Display the iPhone 8 or older Battery Percentage?

You should toggle on the battery percentage if you have an older iPhone

And the screen is visible all the time in the upper-right corner.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap “Battery.”
  3. Swipe the switch to the right and turn on the ‘Battery Percentage’ option.

Stoppytech’s Final Words

Hope this article helps you in to show Battery percentage on iPhone X and iPhone 8 or Older.