How to Fix iPhone won’t Charge Issue        

fix iPhone won't charge

Are you looking for how to fix iPhone won’t charge issue? Your search is over! One of the worst and worst issues is if that your phone doesn’t work. But do not panic. But do not panic. There are some very realistic explanations that this could arise and they are normally easy to overcome.

However, keep an eye on the fact that to do something so easy as to reload your phone, there are loads of components to work together. You should then meticulously do everything to remove possible issues one at a time and find out whether you are and blame and make it work correctly.

If your iPhone loads on one cable but not on another, this is the cable. You know. You know it’s your phone because your cable charges other handsets, but not yours.

How to Fix iPhone won’t Charge Issue?

1. Hard Reset Your iPhone X

It is just as easy to reset your iPhone as challenging. This is the first thing an Apple tech can do in the Apple Shop.

Three steps are taken: 

  1. Speedily press and release down the volume up button.
  2. Speedily click and release the volume down button. 
  3. Click the power button and keep it until the Apple logo is activated, then let go.

Don’t panic if it isn’t working! In the next move we will immerse ourselves in the hardware repairs.

2. Otherwise Check Your Lightning Cable for Damage:

Take a quick look at both ends of your iPhone’s USB cable that you use to charge. Apple’s lightning cables are vulnerable to fraying, especially at the end connecting with your iPhone. If you see any noticeable signs of decline, a new cable may be appropriate.

3. Trying with Different iPhone Charger:

Can you charge your iPhone using a battery adapter, a speaker port, in your laptop or simply by plugging it into the wall? There are several options to power an iPhone. We do the same thing, as we did When we check the Lightning cable. The best way for you to figure out if your loader is incorrect is to try another. Be sure that you use more than one loader because it can be really good.

4. Brush the Gunk out of the charge port of your iPhone:

By Using a torch, look carefully at the receiving dock at the bottom of your iPhone. If you see some bits or gunk in it, it might preclude a strong link to your iPhone from the lightning cable. There are plenty of connexions down there, and your iPhone won’t launch if the wrong one is blocked.

Take a toothbrush and softly blast off your iPhone’s charge port (one you ‘ve never used before).

5. Fix (Repair) your iPhone

Fix iPhone Your

In the case of any liquid or physical harm to the iPhone in the Apple store, they will only repair the whole iPhone. You can get costly, fast if you don’t have AppleCare+. Apple will say if you have photos, videos, or any personal details on your iPhone then they’ve gone forever. Luckily, other choices exist:

6. Another way for repair

Puls is a nice, inexpensive in-person repair service if you need to fix your iPhone today. In as little as 60 minutes you can meet at home or a venue of your choosing.

Stoppy’s Final Words

I hope that your iPhone will come back to life and that you will be back to full charge. I would love to hear from you about your iPhone charging experience.